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Summit™ Series Premium Jetted Swim Spas

The newly released Summit™ Series is the pinnacle of home fitness and relaxation in jetted swim spas. This line-up of six unique models feature a trio of Elite Pro™ resistance jets for the most balanced, smoothest fitness lane a jetted unit can deliver. Powered with up to a full 30HP, the Summit™ Series guarantees the fitness and relaxation therapy sessions meet your expectations, and more. The Summit™ Series swim spas are manufactured by PDC Spas.


180” x 92” x 56”

Boasting the same power and benefits of a full size spa, the space saving 15 foot SX15 swim spa model will deliver the satisfying workout and massage therapy you’ve been craving at home.


180” x 92” x 56”

Providing an open fitness area of 130”, the 15 foot SX15s model features an easy entry, side step design and single therapy seat allowing for maximum fitness and therapy results in a space conscious swim spa.


204” x 92” x 56”

Our most popular length, the 17 foot SX17 features the adjustable speed, Elite Pro™ for the ultimate fitness experience. Customize your workout sessions, or simply relax in the RX6™ stand-up hydrotherapy columns.


227” x 92” x 56”

At 160” of barrier free fitness area, the SX19 offers the ample space for all your wellness goals. Swim, run, jog, lift weights or enjoy a day of family fun in our largest swim spa available.


227” x 92” x 56”

Have it all, with a hot tub and swim spa in one! The SX219 dual zone offers a 5 seat hot tub for massage therapy, and a full 14’ swim spa. Each zone is separate zone with it’s own filtration, heating, therapy and fitness controls.


227” x 92” x 56”

The 19’ dual zone SX219s features a side step design in the swim spa zone for an optimum 118” fitness area, and 5 comfortable massage seats in the hot tub zone. Each zone is operated separately, so you can choose to use both zones together or only one depending on your personal choice.