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What’s Our Clients Say

What a wonderful spa. Love the variety of jets, so comforting! The light feature is fantastic. It’s an every day thing!!


Thank you everybody for all you’ve done to make our spa choice a great one! We love our model and it functions perfect and shows quality. Thank you for a great product!


You guys are awesome. It is fantastic to have such craftsmanship, quality, and care in a product made in our state. I can’t say enough good things about my tub and how well it’s built.

-Joshua Williams

My dream became a reality when my PDC Biscayne arrived a few weeks ago! My whole family has been immensely enjoying our new spa, from the cool lighting feature to the pulsating jets this spa is everything and more of what we were expecting!! Anticipating our 1st dip when the snow is falling. Thank you PDC for a delightful product!

-Bonnie Messina